frequently asked questions

About booking process

The best is to make it on-line. You can fill in the booking form where you should write departure and destination as well as date and time. The link above will help you. Also feel free to write us via WhatsApp.

Yes, it’s better. We don’t work as regular taxi so that it’s good to know about your plans at least a day or a few ones before our trip. 

Quoted times are the standard jorney times in a normal day. Mostly it’s similar to what you can find on Google maps. However some roads are not perfect in Ukraine. That’s why couple of trips will take a bit longer time than usually.

Surely! And it’s our advantage. Our driver can spend with you a few days during you business trips or sightseeing. Please write us on e-mail or WhatsApp to get more information.

Ou driver will be informed about that and patiently waiting for you.

We offer fixed rates in advance so that you know your expenses. Moreover you don’t need to wast your time looking for transfer in airport or another place. In addition a driver will prepare car for a trip so it will be both clean and comfortable.

Booking confirmation

You will receive a message on your e-mail after making a reservation. And later a notification about the status of your reservation. Processing might take up to 20 hours (average – 2-5hours). ONLY if you’ve received a confirmation e-mail your booking is considered.

Please write us on e-mail or WhatsApp

No worries. We know you First Name, Last Name and E-mail. So it’s just easy to identify your order. But if you have a time please make a booking again.

Yes, you should. 20% deposit is required. You can use FONDY method on main page of our site or on the page of booking form.

Things happen. Just inform us as soons as possible via e-mail or WhatsApp. We’ll send you corresponding letter informing about transfer cancelation.

Absolutely! But if you cancel your trip 6 hours before it we will not be able to give you back your deposit in most of cases.

No, you can’t. It’s not allowed.

We do love pets. Yet in most of cases NO. But please contact us to get exact answer.

No. Our driver will help you to load your luggage into the trunk.

Tour is available option. Several drivers can serve as guides and drivers. But this is possible only in some parts of Ukraine. So please write us regarding this question.

Surely, we will make them for you. We want you to enjoy your trip and keep unforgettable memories about Ukraine and our transfer.

Yes. but only some cars. So write us on e-mail in case of need.

Paying for transfer

You pay 20% deposit on our account by means of FONDY. And then 80% cash to the driver.

Trip between departure and destination point. Aditionally you will have free still water on the board. Or even more!

In advance you should pay 20% by means of FONDY. Then the last as cash to the driver. You can pay in UAH.

No, you’re not obligated. But if you want you can.

Yes, surely. To protect your card we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and your data is completely safe.

Sometimes yes, but only for a few route directions.